Looking for an eyebrow tattooist? Make sure you’re in good hands

Eyebrows are important and can really define a face. Ladies wax or spend years plucking their eyebrows and sometimes they just wither away, go thin or lose their shape.

Getting back that fullness you once had, or getting the eyebrows you always wanted can make you feel really great. Cosmetic Tattoos are a great option and the difference before and after can be amazing.

New cosmetic procedures like eyebrow Microblading are gaining popularity as well as feather touch brow tattoos and eyebrow powder tattoos.

You can’t just go to a regular tattooist, it’s really important you find a reputable cosmetic tattoo consultant who is qualified in this procedure to eliminate risk of infection.

At Cosmetic Ink Sydney we have strict practice with respect to general sanitation, disinfection, and infection control procedures.

To make a booking for powder eyebrow tattooing, feather touch tattoos and Microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery or microstroking) call 0413 457 485.

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