Are Eyebrows Really That Important?

Almost every woman knows what is like to have a bad eyebrow experience. Whether it be from over plucking or an overzealous waxing lady, most of us have had a time when we struggled to have normal brows. But why are brows so important?

For a long time, it has been said that brows frame your face but they do more than that.
Brows shaped to perfection can give a polished look even when you aren’t wearing make-up. Your sculpted brows make you look put together and create an effortless kind of sexy.

Fabulous brows are the easiest way to give yourself an eyelift and therefore creating a youthful appearance.
And finally who needs sleep when beautiful brows instantly awake your face, brighten your eyes and hide your lack of sleep.

So your brows really are the most important feature on your face. How do your brows measure up?

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