Is an eyebrow powder tattoo the best Cosmetic Ink Tattoo for me?

You might need help with choosing the right procedure to get the desired result for your eyebrows.

The powder eyebrow tattooing gives an effect that you might create with an eyebrow powder, infusing colour to create the perfect brow shape giving a soft definition beneath the natural hair growth. It is very flattering and works well especially if you already have some degree of existing brow hair.

Feather touch tattoos is great for those with fine, sparse or light eyebrows who crave a more defined shape. This can last up to two years. This micro-pigmenting technique uses a metal hand tool with fine needles to create fine hair-like strokes to transform sparse brows into perfectly symmetrical arches that elegantly frame the face.

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, and feather touch, is a technique used to apply semi-permanent makeup. This form of cosmetic tattooing uses ink and a very small blade to fill out or re-shape eyebrows. To make a booking call 0413 457 485.

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