Kwadron PMU Optima Cartridges (20pcs)


The Kwadron brand is synonymous with products that are high quality and innovative.

The Kwadron Optima PMU range can only be described as absolute perfection and one of the best cartridge systems in the world.⠀⠀
Each configuration includes the same doubled-sharpened specifically made for PMU work, flexible and long taper needles of strength, grouped together with the highest possible precision.⠀⠀
Cartridges fit machine brands, Bellar, Rook, Xion, Cheyenne, Equaliser, FK Irons, Bishop, Scalpa etc.⠀

Long taper tattoo needles available:

1RL 0.20mm

1RL 0.25mm

1RL 0.30mm

1RL 0.35mm

3RL 0.25mm

3RL 0.30mm

5RL 0.25mm

7RL 0.25mm

3 Shader 0.30mm

9 Magnum 0.30mm


Additional information

Needle Type

1 Round Liner 0.20mm, 1 Round Liner 0.25mm, 3 Round Liner 0.25mm, 5 Round Liner 0.25mm, 1 Round Liner 0.30mm, 3 Round Liner 0.30mm, 7 Round Liner 0.25mm, 1 Round Liner 0.35mm, 3 Shader 0.30mm, 9 Magnum 0.30mm


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